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Sign up today for classes in HiSet (GED),ESL & TOEFL, Arabic, French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese & Spanish. Classes are available for both children and adults, and each student will be placed in the proper level. 

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Essentials of English Grammar

Essentials of English Reading


Essentials of English Writing


Intermediate English Writing 


Essentials of English Conversation 


American Literature Seminar: Ernest Hemingway 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language



For All Occasions 

Its never too early to get a head start on your Holiday Shopping!

Do you know someone that has always wanted to take a foreign language, but they do not have the time for a credit course at the local college?


Do you know someone who is going to study abroad or is going on vacation this summer?


Get them a Gift Certificate for an 8 week course for only $100.00!


Its a great personalized gift that shows you care! A gift that will last a lifetime - knowledge!


Gift Certificates are available for all occasions.

Does the company you work for deal with foreign countries?


If so, click here to find out how your company can advance and grow globally through its employees learning a foreign language.



taking a trip



If you are taking a trip, check out our Culture for Travelers class, and avoid uncomfortable social blunders with our language classes geared specifically for traveling to foreign countries. 

Are you a college student?

Are you afraid of forgetting your foreign language? 


Take the College Winter Intersession Conversation Course in the language you are learning at school. It is only for two weeks with no writing involved.

We are now offering Workshops!

Come join us for an afternoon full of fun learning. . .




The place for learning that makes you feel at home ! ! !


Eneida - TOEFL

I like the school, because it helps me to learn to write and to speak English. It is good to improve; to find a job in the future. Because many jobs want people to understnad more than one language. These days many people don't find any jobs because, they do not have any experience in writing and speaking English.     Lucilia - ESL





The school is good because of the way the people work with you and the attention you have. 


Tania - Microsoft Office Computer Skills Course


In my Portuguese class my favorite game was jeopardy. It was really fun to learn new words in Portuguese and at the end if we got something right, we got a surprise. I really enjoyed the class.

Evan - Portuguese for Children I



Why I like the  Institute? First impressions are important. The first time I visited the school, I found the staff very friendly. I felt as if I knew them for a long time. After I joined the school I found them to be very competent. All the staff and students are like a family. We learn and help each other everyday. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge.       Louis - GED    


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