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College Intersession Conversation Courses

This program is designed for college students who are

foreign language majors, but it is open to anyone with

a foreign language background.  It will be held in January, during college Winter Break. It is geared to maintain the language skills that the college student already has in Portuguese or Spanish. It is a way for the student to remain within the school mode during their month long break, without any written work or homework.

The students' sole expectation is to speak as much as possible in the language. The student will also be allowed to present possible speaking topics. Individual feedback is given to every student to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses and to improve his/her language skills. 


The course is held in 1.5 hour increments for three days, during two weeks. A total of 9 hours of either Portuguese or Spanish conversation. The students can further their studies in these languages with an evening class or summer class, which starts up every 8 weeks.


Tuition:  $225.00 for 9 hours

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