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Intensive ESOL Private Tuition Rates

        Weeks       Private 1-on-1       Private 1-0n-1       Combination                                     20 lessons a week       30 lessons a week     Intensive & Private


1            $1,250.00               $1,870.00               N/A     


2            $2,430.00               $3,645.00           $1,800.00 


3            $3,555.00               $5,330.00               N/A              


4            $4,680.00               $7,020.00           $3,300.00     





If you are from a foreign country and would like to practice and improve your English, Modern Language Institute is an affordable and excellent institution for you.


Modern Language Institute has a very flexible program. You will be able to create your own schedule.


We have three programs for International Students: TOEFL & TEFL which you can read about thoroughly by clicking on the TOEFL & TEFL button to the right and lastly, the Intensive ESL Program explained further, below. 


With both programs Modern Language Institute will find you housing and you can join our monthly field trips at an additional cost to your tuition.





Intensive ESOL Program



This program is designed to develop the students English oral and written skills.  As part of the program, students will study the sound system of English.  Students will engage in group discussions, presentations and pair work.  Individual feedback is given to every student to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses and to improve his/her English skills.  



  • Learn English as it is spoken in daily conversations 

  • Learn American customs and culture 

  • Learn idioms and grammar through conversation in class 

  • Improve pronunciation through practice in class and through other materials 


The students are given many opportunities to practice. There will also be periodic evaluations and meetings with HLI's director to monitor progress and provide feedback. The following are some of our courses:    


  • Conversation I, II, III 

  • Reading Skills I, II, III 

  • Writing Skills I, II, III

  • Grammar I, II, III 

Intensive ESL Class Tuition Rates

        Weeks            Intensive 20        Intensive 25           Intensive 30             


2                       $535.00                     $600.00                         $700.00                      

4                       $975.00                     $1,075.00                      $1,250.00              


8                       $1,950.00                  $2,150.00                      $2,500.00               


12                    $2,778.00                   $3,064.00                      $3,562.00                  


24                    $5,265.00                   $5,805.00                      $6,750.00                   

TOEFL Tuition:


4 weeks - $1,200.00

8 weeks - $2,100.00

TEFL Tuition:


Full Time - 4 weeks - $2,550.00

Part Time - 8 weeks - $2,100.00

Field Trips

Our monthly field trips are an excellent way to spend some leisure time, while being able to see more of the United States. Fall River is centrally located in New England, surrounded by a multitude of American History. Fall River has a central location in New England, we are only 50 minutes away from our capital, Boston, and 20 minutes away from Rhode Island's capital, Providence. All field trip expenses are separate from the tuition amount.

Fall River:


The Historical Society of Fall River where you will learn some local history, including the importance that the Immigrant population had on the community.


Battleship Cove  & the Marine Museum are an execellent afternoon trip on board an old battleship and a small submarine, you will learn about the United States involvement during World War II. The Marine Museum also has an exhibit on the Titanic ship.


(Capital of Rhode Island):


  • See a performance of the seasonal plays at famous locations, the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) or at the Trinity Repetoir.


  • Visit the Rhode Island State House. 


  • Visit the campuses of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).


  • If you are here during the summer, Waterfire (a downtown outdoor evening event, with fires set on the river, surrounded by music, performances, ethnic food, etc.).


  • Take the Independence Trail, which is a walking tour of the city, with an explanation of each point of interest and the historical significance is explained.

​New Bedford:


The Whaling Museum portays the vital role that the local immigrants played in the success of the whaling industry, which helped build New Bedford economically.


The Madeiran Heritage Museum focuses on the Portuguese immigrant population of the region, more specifically the Madeiran culture. immigration story in the area.


(Capital of Massachusetts):


  • Visit the Massachusetts State House.


  • Visit Quincy Market & Faneuil Hall where there are food vendors and street performers.


  • Take the Freedom Trail, which is a walking tour of the city, with an explanation of each point of interest and the historical significance is explained.


  • A guided bus/trolley tour of the city.


  • Visit the campuses of Harvard University, Northeastern University, Boston College, and Boston University.


  • A Visit to Fenway Park and depending on the game schedule, possibly watch a game at the home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.


  • Visit the Science Museum and see some technological advances of the time.


  • Visit the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), there are art pieces from around the world on display.

Washington, D.C.

(Capital of the United States of America):


  • Walk around The Mall (an outdoors greenspace and location of a multitude of famous monuments).


  • Visit the Washington Monument.


  • Visit the Lincoln Memorial


  • Walk around Georgetown.


  • Visit the Smithsonian, where a multitude of historical artificats are on display.


  • Take a guided bus tour of the city.

International Students

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