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The ESL & TOEFL Associates was designed to teach

foreign languages in successful structured and

non-structured environments. Our philosophy is to

make learning a foreign language so exciting that it

will be enjoyed to the fullest. Our goal is to give you

confidence in your ability to succeed at new

experiences and challenges through the foreign

language of your choice.


Our services will be beneficial to your company and employees. If your company interacts in the global market, with companies from around the world, on a regular basis and you have found that the language barrier has been a challenge for your employees, then it is time to enroll your department for language classes at Hemingway English Institute. We offer up to six foreign languages at a very competitive rate: Arabic, French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.


We offer day and evening classes, insuring no interference with company time. 

If your business has more than five employees, and your company would like 

to have the lessons during company time, we will teach the languages in your 

office ensuring that your employees are benefiting from this opportunity.

We tailor the lessons according to the business that your company conducts.

Should your employees need to learn business terms, payment terms, or basic

"small talk" for business meetings, we are the school to teach it to your employees.


Do not miss out on an excellent opportunity that your company can participate in to grow further in an international market.


Should you have any questions, or need additional information,

please contact us at (508) 971-1898 or by email at  

Businesses in the Global Market

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