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The school is good because of the way the people work with you and the attention you have. 


Tania - Administrative Assistant Certificate Course



In my Portuguese class my favorite game was jeopardy. It was really fun to learn new words in Portuguese and at the end if we got something right, we got a surprise. I really enjoyed the class.


Evan - Portuguese for Children I

I like school because I study English. The school is beautiful. I love my friends in school because nice people. I like my teacher, she's a good teacher. English is a beautiful language.        - Lucia - ESL

I love my school because it hels me to learn English. I like my school because my school has nice people. It is good to improve, to be able to find a job in the future.

                                   - Leonor - ESL

I like my school because I study English. I like school because we work on the computer. I like my teacher.

                                   - Joe - ESL

I like school, because I like to learn English.                                                                 - Eduardo - ESL

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"The place for learning that makes you feel at home !!!"  Eneida - TOEFL

I like the school, because it hels me to learn, to write and to speak English. It is good to improve, to find a job in the future, because many jobs want people to understand more than one language. These days many people don't find any job, because they do not have any experience in writing and speaking English.

                            - Lucilia - ESL 

Why I like this Institute? First impressions are important. The first time I visited Hemingway I found the staff very friendly. I felt as if I knew them for a long time. After I joined the school I found them to be very competent. All the staff and students are like a family. We learn and help each other everyday. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge.       

                                         - Louis - GED    

I like studying English. I like to learn English. I like the people studying with me and the teacher and the staff.                                                                                            - Felicio - ESL 

During Portuguese class we learned different varieties of things, including greetings, goodbyes, some Portuguese culture, and a bit of time. During the times we were learning, we played fun activities to help. I really enjoyed what we have done so far, and can't waitfor what's to come! :)


         - Serenah - Portuguese for Children I Class

I like school because I speak English and practice on the computers in the classroom.    

                          - Laurinda - ESL


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