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The ESOL & TOEFL Center

ESL (English as a Second Language)

We have  cracked the code to revolutionize the teaching of English as a Second Language with our comprehensive total support program.  It is based on the belief that understanding who you are, is the key to unleashing the power in achieving success.  Our identity-based model works because it starts with the student style belief system, hopes and dreams.  It is electrifying, invigorating, thought-provoking and success-driven.


Modern Language Institute has a well-designed curriculum which provides continuity in English learning as you progress from one level to the next.  In our standard English course, you will:


  • Learn English as it is spoken in daily conversations. 

  • Learn American customs and culture.

  • Learn idioms and grammar through conversation in class. 

  • Improve pronunciation through practice in class and through other materials. 


The student is given many opportunities to practice. There will also be periodic evaluations and meetings with the director to monitor progress and provide feedback. The following are some of our courses:    


  • Conversation I, II, III 

  • Reading Skills I, II, III 

  • Writing Skills I, II, III

  • Grammar I, II, III 


Private Classes:


Accent Reduction, Executive Business English and more... 


We offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. Yes- different programs at different schedules, we have one goal: The highest quality ESL instruction.

Intensive ESOL Program

  • 20 hours a week for 52 weeks

Tuition:    $4,760.00 

Basic ESOL Program

Intermediate ESOL Program

Advanced ESOL Program

Classes are 20 hours a week for 26 weeks


Tuition:     $2,380.00

This program is designed to develop students' English oral and written skills. As part of the program, students will study the sound system of English. Students will engage in group discussions, presentations and pair work. Individual feedback is given to every student to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses and to improve his/her English skills. Students will be placed in one of the three above levels according to their conversational and written level, determined on the day of their interview.

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